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NSis is talking out her a$$, totally to compete with you. It would be fun if you told your father that there is no such thing as a PhD in psychiatry, that it is a specialty for a medical doctor (MD or DO) a.k.a. physician. Your NSis would have to get into, and through, medical school and complete a residency to be a psychiatrist.

People like your NSis would make me laugh at their ignorance if they weren't so dangerous.
Dad won't mention it because he's caught on that I can't stand her, but if I talk to my stepmom anytime soon she probably can't resist coming at me with a big "Your SISTER is going back to school to become a psychiatrist!!!" If she does I will innocently ask where Sis is going to med school. lol.

Speaking of dangerous, I feel for any patient that wanders into her lair. She has done some really questionable things in the past that make me cringe every time I think of her being responsible for someone's mental health. Like the time she reported her SIL for child abuse/neglect over a dirty house when they were on the outs...but said nothing after they'd reconciled about the leering pedophile boyfriend her SIL brought to her daughter's birthday party (who tried to take my niece to swim in the pool ALONE - my mom had to step in and stop that!).

Then there was her "bff" and/or secret boyfriend who was on drugs and used to complain to her about how meaaaan his wife was for ditching him over the drugs. She validated and encouraged him...she let this guy use her as a shoulder to cry on and who knows what else for over a year. He was becoming codependent on her and that got inconvenient. So she cut him off cold turkey. She poured all this out to me once when I was trying to visit and play with her kids; she moved from using him as a drama source to using him as an attention grab and was telling me how infatuated he was with her, how he was "dangerous" and wouldn't leave her alone, etc. Then he shot himself. And afterward she switched gears again and wailed to everyone who would listen about how she lost her BFF. Even his widow!

There are many, many reasons I stay far away from the freakshow.