It isnít always easy to adjust to having an empty nest. I had some trouble with it. During my youngest childís senior year in high school, my DH took a new job across the country. So we lived apart with visits for about six months until my DD graduated. Then we lived in a furnished apartment while our house was being built and then my DD went off to college halfway across the country.

That was a very difficult time for me. My older child had previously gone off to college, younger child was gone, and I was in a place where I knew no one living in a furnished apartment. My family, as I knew it, had totally changed and DH and I were back to being a couple again. I didnít have the support system in place that I would have had at our previous home. It was very difficult. I remember that time as a point in my life where everything seemed to be very gray. I donít know how else to explain it. I was very lucky because my DH and I have always been a team and we still were very connected. A few months after DD went off to college our house was finished and we had our own furniture and belongings. I had moved frequently and I knew what to do so I got myself out there. I joined some groups and forced myself to talk to people and get myself out there. I adjusted and thrived but there was a time when it wasnít easy. One thing I made sure not to do during my dark time was to place any sort of burden on my kids. As far as they knew I missed them but it was the normal sort of missing them. They never knew how difficult it was for me.

I feel for your DM. To lose a child would be unimaginable. First, I think that if possible between you and your DF, it would be really good to try to persuade your DM to see a doctor. Since hers is currently unavailable, is there maybe a nurse in the practice that she is connected with and trusts that would be willing to sit through the appointment with her so it doesnít feel so strange for her with a different doctor? Maybe your DM would let your DF accompany her. That way along with making sure sheís on the right medication maybe the doctor could give her some pharmacological help if possible. If you and your DH could persuade her to get some counseling that would be great too

Second if would be good if your DM could get out there a little and interact with other people. Would she consider a book discussion group? Libraries and book stores often have them. If she likes to crochet maybe a class at a yarn store. Volunteering at the rescue is a great idea.

Last has your DM considered adopting a dog of her own? A dog is someone for her to interact with. She would need to take care of a dog. Dogs need exercise and while walking a dog your DM would also be walking herself. She would be interacting with other people that she meets on the walk and the exercise would produce endorphins which would make her feel better.

As for everyone expecting you to pop out a baby immediately after your marriage, ignore them. My DH and I had that too from his side of the family. My MIL would tell us about his cousin who got married after us and they just had the sweetest baby. She got a picture of the baby on Santaís lap for Christmas...hint...hint. We ignored MIL and sent her a Christmas card the next year featuring our dog on Santaís lap. She wasnít amused but my DP loved it. Ignore them and if anyone tries to directly say anything to you answer them that you canít imagine in any way how this is remotely any of their business.