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Family can be so strange with an N in themix.

I grew up in Oklahoma. My NM always told me that we had no Native blood in our family.
As an adult, i learned that my father was 3/4 Cherokee as well as NM being 1/4 Kiowa.

NM was a virolent racist.... especially towars Native Americans.

Many Irish will be shocked, if they ever do the DNA testing, to find out they have traces of Spanish and North African (Moor) blood. When the British sunk the Spanish Armada, right off of Ireland, the Irish sailed out to rescue the survivors. Since Spain was also a Catholic country, they could converse in (Church) Latin. Most stayed there and became part of the country. Also why Italians from the boot aren't fond of Sicilians.

They talk about how humans and chimpanzees share 98% DNA but did you know that humans and mice share 93% DNA as well as sharing many characteristics of sharks? I would expect nothing less from life originating on the same planet.

We all have human DNA. Well, you guys do, LOL.