I related this to my therapist. He agreed that staying away from bad news cousin is a good idea. And we reviewed some of the options.

I did a background search on Benji. He pled guilty to lesser charges, but he was involved in a fraudulent operation. And he owes on taxes. My estranged brother is on an offender's list. Yet, if you ask people in the family, they were railroaded, they're "good boys". Yet Belinda and I are the evil ##### monsters when we assert ourselves.

He said my family was almost cult like. That was towards the end of the session. But I think that's something to explore. I also wonder if there's a sociopath or psychopath thing going on there. My dad's side has its own problems, but they don't seem to get joy out of hurting people the way my mother's side does. They're the type that would pick the wings off of flies for fun.