It's been a loonnnggg time since I've posted, but I started lurking recently.

I used to be teachermom and redwomanbluestate. I've been divorced for over 7 years now, and while I've had my ups and downs, there have been more ups than downs.

Two of my kids have firmly sided with their father and the ####ed up in-laws. They are most like the in-laws in personality, although there is hope that now that one is in college and has outside friends that he can break free. I also have my son from a previous marriage, and my youngest daughter with the ex who sees her dad's bull#### for what it is.

I've been dating a wonderful man for 7 years. He is so smart, sweet, strong, and independent, which is so different from my needy and controlling ex. His family is wonderful; I even really like his mother! So there goes my ex's argument that I "just can't get along with anyone". No - I just can't get along with people who need to be in prison or otherwise institutionalized!

Life is overall pretty good. I've missed you guys though! I'm trying to get caught up with everyone. I'm glad to see you still.