The attorney acting as fiduciary closed it out in Jan and she had a court order. They do plus they have checks from 2012 where they paid for the tractor she took right after he passed. This has been going on since Nov of 2016. She is a piece of work that is for sure. I did the one thing you shouldnt but I posted on her FB - nothing nasty or ugly. I just reminded her I know all the details, she does, they do, my deceased cousin does and so does God. And God doesn't like ugly, nor is the out come very good. She can be charged with a felony because she signed this hand written will, not my cousin. Even with a power of attorney you cannot sign a will for anyone. They have a shark attorney lined up and the sheriff who came out to make sure everyone behaved told he he was good. He had to get on her helpers to stay out of the wheat field. Then my cousin whose side by side she took was going to get the mail walking - they all went by him saying hello and laughing. They will get their karma too