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I may be wrong, but I get the feeling Sally is the SG child and is killing herself to finally get her mother to love her. But it never happens.
No, I wouldn't say that. I think it's just that Sally is the Rescuer, but she's not able to rescue MIL in the manner she prefers. (She'd prefer that Sally left her husband and moved in with her!)

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Honestly in a way Kaybee and I are lucky that both out MILís had medical incidents. After my MIL became really ill it finally became obvious to both my DH and my BIL that MIL couldnít continue to live on her own. I donít know how many friends my MIL has there but she gets out to meals and attends some social events. Sheís much better off where she is.
DH and I both believe this is what it will come down to - MIL will get hurt or fall ill to the point that she needs round-the-clock care.

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What an ugly dynamic!

Your MIL is very good at getting her way.
Oh, she's an expert! Always has been. I've posted this earlier, but she recently mentioned that when she was little, a particular piece of chicken (drumstick or whatever) was her favorite, "and I ALWAYS got it!" In a family with three kids, who all probably liked the same thing, MIL always got the one she wanted. That's pretty telling.

Bob keeps saying how spoiled MIL is, and always has been, but Sally is stuck in the narrative that "poor Mama" has had an awful life, and deserves to have whatever she wants. Yes, MIL has had troubles. Some self-inflicted, some not. But the idea that this means her children owe their undying service and obedience is appalling.