This is actually the first car that DH has finalized the deal himself. When I negotiate a car deal I first negotiate the sales price of the car and then I separately deal with the trade in. I do not know exactly how DH structured the deal.

We did not sell the car to the coworker. First I showed DH the Kelley Blue Book for a private sale of the car and DH was surprised. I don’t know what site he pulled up but he swears that he only got the trade in price when he looked and there was no other option. Then I talked to him about my thoughts. Honestly and surprisingly this car has been one of the best cars we’ve ever had. Other than regular maintenance and consumables like windshield wipers and tires, we’ve probably had less than $3,000 of repairs since 2005 when we purchased the car. However the car is high mileage now and we don’t know what could begin happening with it mechanically. That’s one reason we’ve begun looking for a new car. I really don’t want to sell the car to an acquaintance at DH’s work and, even though the car’s been wonderful for us, begin to have everything go wrong and the buyer be upset with us not matter how clear we make it to him that we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future with the car.

DH did text the and told him that we’ve decided not to sell the car. He did text back asking if there was a higher number that would tempt us to sell him the car. DH hasn’t texted back.