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Don’t dispair. Usually things change as your children get older. When my DS was heading towards the last year of his experiment for his doctorate degree we visited him. He showed us his lab, talked about his experiment, and told us he was having trouble getting the water as pure as he needed it to be. My DH is a Ch E and has worked with water in industry. He said to DS, “Have you thought about trying X? I’m not sure if it would solve your problem but I think there’s a good chance it could.” They talked about X for a while and DS did end up trying it and it worked. When his thesis was published the dedication read: To my family who has always supported me and especially to my father who is still helping me with my homework.
Aw, I love this story.

And DD actually does listen to me quite a bit. We have a running joke that she'll turn up her nose at an item of clothing while we're shopping, I'll "make" her try it on, and she'll love it. It's happened several times. (Although recently she was trying to decide between two dresses and was annoyed that her friend wasn't answering texts. I told her which one I liked and she was like, "yeah, but sometimes your mom isn't enough and you need your gay best friend.")