I agree with the applause and the spine your DH grew, still waiting for that day here haha... Reading, learning and waiting for that day when my DH finally gets it.

This triggers a memory from last spring when my stepson graduated high school. My lovely MIL had to be here for that and to make her grand, DRAMATIC EXIT. However, while she was here, she left her ailing H at home, days after his major sudden heart procedure. Who does that? She had the pleasure to use her Hs condition to make it all about her too. The entire time she was annoyed with me and complaining to my DH that shes not ready for this. Shes not ready? What about the man she left at home? Omg did the world revolve around her during the graduation and her Hs condition. The only reason she came was for the attention and to create far bigger attention as she left. When she arrived back home to Florida, her H needed the same procedure done again. This man had to have his heart stopped and jumped again. But shes not too concerned with that, shes far more concerned with what shes going to do with herself and where shes going to live ... wow. These people

Tree nailed it

Congrats to you and your hubby for standing up to your entitled, PITA NMIL