I am so glad your DH told his mother what he did. Not only was it a very poor decision on their part to travel with their ages and health, but it's very selfish to expect someone to pick up the pieces for you like that, especially when you have funds to have it taken care of yourself.

My grandparents are elderly (one is mid 80's and the other is approaching mid 90's) and have a lot of health problems. A few years ago, they wanted to fly to Disney with their mentally disabled son, who is a HANDFUL and can be violent. When my GPs told their 3 other children that they were going, the three of them talked and told their parents this - "We don't think you should be going. You have a hard enough time dealing with him one afternoon a week, let alone an entire week, all day and all night long. It's your decision but know this...if something happens down there, we are NOT getting on a plane and flying down to help you out. You will be completely on your own and have to deal with it all by yourself." My GM got very angry and called them all selfish and tried to guilt trip them but they didn't fall for it. They wound up not going.

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The entire time she was annoyed with me and complaining to my DH that shes not ready for this. Shes not ready? What about the man she left at home?
Reminds me of a family member of mine. Her husband needs a knee replacement and he has other health problems, too, so his knee replacement healing will take longer than average. All she's concerned about is her own stuff. She's one of those "learned helplessness" women who can barely tie their own shoes. She keeps crying to other family members, "If he has this, who will take me shopping? Who will put gas in my car? Who will put the garbage out by the curb?" (She only drives to work, she won't drive to any stores and she claims she "can't" put the cans out by the curb). She doesn't want him to have this needed surgery because she then might have to do something.