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I haven't heard of 504 so I'm guessing mine is just an ADA plan. There was a form that briefly described the written plan we put together, and then the actual plan. Actual plan was originated by me and the ADA coord at work but my psychiatrist had input. Then, my crazy ex-boss tried to rewrite it. I talked to HR and ADA coord about that and rewrote it to meet my needs.

However, I have a new boss now so as far as I know the plan applies to him and I don't know what the deal is with the old boss.

I was supposed to have a consultation with a lawyer last week but the guy I was trying to connect with didn't call. Urg. Today I talk to HR. Next week I have a psychiatrist appt. so I am also going to get her advice on the situation and possible reassignment.
So between yesterday and today, the nice new boss apparently noped on out of here.

We were supposed to have a meeting today with everyone. Evil Old Boss got in a few minutes late but still no New Boss. I waited 5 min, went into the meeting room and asked if we were waiting on him or should I get the staff member (who also was still hanging out in our workspace).

She said "The meeting was at 11." in her usual b**** voice.

I just got the staff member and we went in. We were told the new boss was leaving effective this Friday. He has another full time job and it was an interim appointment. The "official" word from OldBoss is that he needed to go back to his old job full time.

My take on it is, he may have tried to talk to her about her behavior at that meeting last week (the one he apologized to me over) and whatever her reaction was, he bailed. Understandable. I'd like to bail too.

ADA lady told me yesterday we aren't to "reassignment" point but gave me the name of the internal recruiter and said that the bad evaluation does not mean I won't get another job here.

What a mess.