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Depending on what's involved in travel, maybe a travel companion could go with him? Or a friend of his? If he needs or wants to see them he should. But it's not fair or right to drag you into it.
It isn't but the last thing I want is DH upset or in even more pain than he is now - especially if it's down to his FOO - because I wasn't there to look after him. It appears that it's all a little theoretical anyway, no calls still.

DH is going to write a letter because, to be fair to FIL, we don't even know if DH's number got as far as him; so it's a waiting game again. After a few really bad days with DH's pain levels through the roof, he's finally relaxed again and is stablising. I'll leave the conversation completely alone and let DH lead.

<insert diety of choice> help them if they turn up here. I don't think they'd be quite so silly but they really won't like their reception, should it happen.