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While she might not use it, it might be worth knowing that google maps will give estimates from point a to point b for either Lyft or Uber.

Also, I have seen gift cards for sale at Walgreens that are those transit services. I know most gift cards (Think Walmart/Sams gift cards) can have their balance tracked to see how much is left on the card. So she could get several cards (maybe even reload) and use for these transportation services.

so I just checked the estimate of charges to get from my apartment to my job. $7-12.00 for Uber; $7-10 for Lyft.

(and for what it is worth, I was retired and returned to work when my pension wouldn't support me. So this is a 64 year old lady, who can Uber, Lyft, and even travel by city bus.)
Oh, geez, public transit would be easiest for me if I still lived where it existed. How much has it changed since I rode it all the time in the '70s and '80s? That's old school. (That said, I'll be 60 next week and have the Lyft app on my phone.)