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He has a big heart.

The drive to where they are is only about 45 minutes in "normal" traffic, but can take much longer during the rush hours. So trying to get a bus route in an area that hasn't got great public transport stretches that out. It took 3 hours because the bus routes kinda of suck and he had to take 3 different local buses to get there. As for getting to where SIL and niece live, that's three hours away in the other direction from where she's in the hospital. There's really not any bus service there, (maybe greyhound?) but they figured out a way to get her home. He is a generous person and saw what he thought was a solution. And being a guy, didn't think it through to the end.

Just got a call from him. He's on the bus on the way back toward here. He said that he needs to go back there tomorrow. I am not sure why he thinks he needs to go back. Not all of the buses run on the weekends, so I have to figure out... do I take him there, do I take him partway there, do I make him find his own way.... I'm actually thinking, take him partway, drop him a a bus stop that will get him there and then go spend the rest of the day with a friend. He may have to wing it getting home or I may be back in time to go get him halfway there. Him thinking he's needed... when they usually ignore him. When they have never even called him when he was in the hospital or having surgeries, or worrying about his very poor vision now.

I'm sorry but your DH needs some major counseling to deal with his issues with his FOO or is it just his SOO. Sounds like hedidn't even make it to SG status, he just isn't wanted. Was his FOO always like this, even when he was a child? They don't invite him to holidays, don't call or care about his his issues. Can they make it any clearer he is not only not loved but not even wanted.

It must hurt like h3ll but counseling can help him get over it. Besides, he has himself, and you, to think about with his own health issues.