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Thank you. You’ve made me laugh about it all.

This is the family who had a go at DH for going to university and moving away from the area they all live in. It was as if they would rather he hadn’t bettered himself, so why were they bothered that DN didn’t pass an exam?

All I can think of is that they were embarrassed because some of the pupils at their school would have passed of course. It’s all for show, not for happiness or fulfilment, just for show.

MIL is the type to make things up she wishes would have happened. (Lies in other words!) For instance she told people that DH revised all the time for his exams at school... He says he didn’t, he coasted, muddled through (no one on the family was academic so he had no role model) and was lucky to get the results he did. But MIL tells the Disney version because that’s how she wants it to have been.

If she could have got away with it, she would have lied about DN passing. Not so DN could go to the selective school, I don’t think she’d care either way, but simply to boast. I truly believe that.
You’re looking for logic where there isn’t any. Your DN’s success or failure is nothing to do with you. You couldn’t sit the exam for her, you couldn’t influence the result either, but your MIL was looking for somebody to blame. This is Ns in a nutshell. They need to blame for failure, but take credit for success, which again is nothing to do with them. When I told my MIL that DS1 had done well in his GCSEs (national exams taken by 15-16 year olds), my MIL exclaimed, “Of course he did! He’s MY grandson!” She’s dumber than a bag of rocks, but she took all the credit, despite not having been anywhere near him or even spoken to him for months. She thinks they did well because over their school careers, she has given them a few pencils, a rubber (eraser), and a ruler, so because she equipped their pencil case, they owe their success to her. The parents who cared for them, supported them, etc, are just window dressing, the real success is down to having her genes. You couldn’t make it up, utter twaddle.