View Full Version : Dealing with Baby Pushing MIL - Apparently we are desperate to have a baby according to mil

Jun 11, 2007, 02:20 PM
Okay, normally I don't hold my Evil S up as a shining example for anything (LOL) but in this case I have to.

Evil S and her DH are CF by choice too. Her IL's are all about kids and family and she and her DH were always getting hounded. Evil S married into one of those families where everyone is always in each other's business - waaaaaay too close - and there are dozens of GC. Everyone, and I mean ALL of them, have dinner every Sunday at the IL's.

One day, after the two of them had gone to NYC for a few days, the comments started (as always). Evil S broke down in (fake) sobs and said "No, (sob) we saw a famous fertility specialist in NYC. (Sob) He said we'll NEVER be able to conceive (sniff) because DH is infertile! (Sob) The doctor said that (sniff) when DH was young and had the measles he didn't receive proper care for them (pointed, blaming look at MIL) so now HE CAN'T HAVE CHILDREN. Waaaaahhhh!!!"

Her IL's immediately and permanently dropped the issue of baby-making. }(

Personally, IMO it's none of their dang business, but at least Evil S got them to stop. Her DH didn't have the nerve to set the story straight...

Aug 9, 2007, 12:00 AM
One of dh's relatives just had a baby. We went to visit said baby...dh because he wanted to see it, me to be polite. But according to mil we are so desperate to have a baby that we want to take relatives baby home with us???

During the visit relative said that mil told them we wanted a baby so badly we wanted to take this baby home. Everything I did surrounding this 'baby' was to be polite. Gifts, flowers to the mother after delivery...it's what I do for everyone who has a baby. I'm glad baby is healthy and mother is fine. The baby had on one of the outfits I got for it. I had no idea it was the outfit I had given them because I didn't remember. When I purchased things off the 'gimmmeee gifts list' baby registry, I looked at the number...made sure it matched and threw it in the cart. I earned a check mark in my planner...one more to-do task done.

I am very happy being childfree and no I don't hate children. It was a choice to be childfree. It's just mil projecting the fact that she will never be a grandmother since dh is an only child. I get so sick of the attitude every time someone has a baby that I must be heartbroken and desperate since I don't have one. It's no one elses business why we don't have kids and I hate that they just assume we are heartbroken and desperate.

It's a no win situation. If I confront mil with her lie it will be because I am 'upset' about not having children. If I say nothing mil gets away with gossip and lies. I stay away the mil and give her no information about us... but it doesn't seem to matter because she just makes stuff up. I don't care what mil things but I hate that she lies and gossips to other family members.

Jan 14, 2008, 04:25 PM
*snicker* I bet her MIL felt bad about that one! I mean, that's an evil way to get them to leave you alone (and the lie will come out if they ever divorce and the DH has kids with someone else) but effective, right?