Monster mother in law

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Just needed to offload! For years my mother in law has made snide remarks about giving her grandchildren but doing it when my husband was out of earshot. We had been trying for ages and then went to fertility investigations only to be told due to medical issues on my husbands part it would be unlikely we would conceive naturally. When we broke the news she still made me feel like I was the problem and was no support during treatment when I got sick. Luckily it worked first time and I thought our problems were over. Sadly she just started in other ways like telling people about the treatment because people were asking why we were married for 6 years and not pregnant. She also was cheeky when I asked to wait for people to buy things until after 12 week scan. I am now 7 months pregnant and just today out of nowhere she declared an only child is a lonely child!! Not only have I not had my first child yet but she's aware of the journey we have been on to get this far . When my husband tried to say we are blessed with one she ignored him and said you HAVE to have more than one child. I'm at my wits end. I don't think I can stand her much longer and I worry she will be a bad grandmother but I don't want my child to miss out.

Any advice welcome


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  1. mamaalanna's Avatar
    Hey, Ellie, come on over to the main forum and unoad. Not a lot of people read the blogs.
  2. EvilEvilDIL's Avatar
    Put MIL on a timeout until well after the birth. She's earned it. You can revisit the decision once you see how she behaves.

    Only's are awesome. And yes - head over to the boards!
  3. outcast47's Avatar
    I honestly would do a timeout and explicitly tell her that she is being unreasonable. You don't need someone causing problems before the child is born. Mine was horrible too, in different ways. She kept telling people "We're having twins" when my wife was the only one pregnant, like she had anything to do with it. After the 7th month, my wife lost her filter and told her off in front of people.
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